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PhD, MPhil, BA

I am a field anthropologist who has spent much of her working life dirty, dehydrated, and under many layers of sunblock, but most importantly, as a passionate individual dedicated to working with and for local communities. 


My research investigates cultural and socio-ecological determinants of conflict and the pathways through which cooperative relationships may be established and maintained.  I am particularly interested in understanding the role humans play in shaping and being shaped by the natural environment, limitations in adapting to ecological disturbances, and mechanisms for building resilience among local peoples. 

Much of my work is carried out among the Rendille, Borana, Samburu, and Turkana pastoralists of northern Kenya, where I can be found poorly milking goats, as an unending source of oddity for children, and fixing my vehicle with my extensive supply of tools (i.e., rock).

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